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Re: Video Call?

Originally Posted by ryallchild View Post
also this works as long as your connected via wifi, and its not all that bad if you use a blutooth headset
video calls from skype would cost money anyways wouldnt it? well maybe not if u were both skype... and skype v2.5gold, doesnt need wifi to run, and works phenominally just off data...

Originally Posted by flintduncan View Post
Well.. All this is well and good, but not quite helpful. First, I'm well aware of the various versions. I have the individualized specs for all of them in terms of hardware and capability bookmarked. None of them mention the 2nd camera in hardware, but all release info talks about the capacity, as in the phone's ability in itself, to handle video calls with a 2nd camera. I'm not asking if sprint will support it.

I wasn't aware of the channel issue, so I guess that takes care of video calls, but in programs such as skype (though not skype specifically, despite someone's link I can confirm that mobile skype does not do video), is this camera even intact and usable, or is it completely stripped out? That's the question. Does the camera remain intact and functional for any intrepid user to figure out how to activate it, or is it a nonfactor?
first, ive never seen or heard ANY CARRIERS TP having a front side camera, but matbe in the early days they thought they would and decided against it..

so u just want them to be able to see and hear you?? because a front side cam for them to view you, doesnt have anything to do with the software it takes for you to few them... so if your not worried about not seeing them, and not seeing yurself(if on the go) i reccomend "qik"

this is just a live feed into qik site for others to view by simply going to you set the app on your phone up login in and click "live" and they can view you, you dont need any cable or even a comp to use it on your end, just run the app...

i know your looking for more a "true vid call" solution but hey, its visual, its audio.. its really more of a webcam type solution though i guess
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