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Re: My keyboard died.


I went into the Sprint store today to ask for an exchange. Just to see what they'd tell me.

They said since the 30 days has p***** (why is this thing bleeping me. I wrote p a s s e d) they counln't exchange it, and that since 30 days has p***** BB wouldn't exchange even if I talked to them. But I have TEP on my Sprint account. Total Equipment Protection. This covers my buttons that don't work. And that's without filing a claim and having to pay the $50. The guy gave me the speech though how I'd probably get a refurb but then he checked the computer and no refurbs in stock.

That means a Brand New In Box Touch Pro for this guy. Cost. 0$
I should be able to pick it up Tuesday.

This is why I pay $8/mo insurance. I break phones a lot, but this one broke itself. I hope I don't have the issues I had with this one. This phone has so much potential and when it works it like it's supposed to it's slick as KY Ultra.

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