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Re: Youtube app not playing full screen

Videos are supposed to appear full screen using the Youtube app, right?

What player is supposed to open up? HTC Streaming Media player or something else?

For me, it's some other player that's opening.

I tried to take a screenshot, but capsure didn't capture the video part of it for some reason.

Basically, I get the video with maybe 1/4" to 1/2" black borders on each side.

The player that opens has a home icon on the top left and a go back icon on the top right. At the bottom, it's got a go to beginning icon on the left, a pause play icon next, then a stop icon and thne and icon with a box and and arrow pointing in at each corner (nothing happens if I click that one other than the icon changes).

The HTC Streaming Media player definitely has a different look to it.

I don't remember if, when it was working, it was using that player.

This can't be right though.
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