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Touch Pro Screen BLACK! Help!

So i was just using the phone and i notice that the screen was jumbling around and the top half of the screen was moved to the bottom and the bottom half was on the top and things were sliding and looking like the matrix and all messed up. So i reset the phone. try again... same thing. I go to sleep. The next morning same thing happens. While the screen was scrambling all over the place. i watched it turn from a full normal screen like how it should look and then it it dimmed into a black screen.
Now the screen is black! it is on. Phone turns on. I can hold the Phone (call) button down and ask it to call someone, but it doesn't ever call. it will tell me the battery level n such. so i think the screen is an issue?
So final story i didn't abuse it in any way. i think windows or the phone is a lemon.
had the phone for about two weeks. It still turns on but black screen.
Any one else notice this?
Any suggestions?
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