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My keyboard died.

No, really, it did.

Just up and stopped working. No unusual dropping of the phone. No throwing it against the ****ing wall even though this thing pisses me off almost everyday. This phone lags so much and I've gotten so frustrated trying to use it that when the keyboard up and randomly **** the bed in the middle of a text the other day, I was barely phased. Closed the phone and opened up the on-screen, ultra-gay, finger-type mode, and finished my message.

Also the little round thing in the middle stopped working. Not pressing it but the touching it, for changing text sizes, zooming and such.=D>

Oh, and lets not forget my damn TALK button doesn't work anymore. I CAN NOT dial a number that's not saved in my phone because of that fantastic feature. =D>

I was so excited to upgrade from my Mogul to this that I drove 2 damn hours to buy one from a Best Buy in a different town because both BBs where I live were sold out. It's sexier, don't get me wrong. And the extra row on the keyboard -- bad ***. Though I hate what happens if you accidentally hit the TXT button. Or the mail button. And I realllllly HATE HATE HATE when I have the phone in landscape mode and I hit Opera on accident. Or how to access one of my quick launch programs I have to close the phone and return it to normal mode (this was something they should have realized).

Looks -- this thing wins. By a lot. But function -- My mogul would smear this thing in the dirt.

After a hard reset.... maybe a day later... the lags starts slowly but surely again. Before I've installed programs or reg tweaks. And it just gets worse! Often times I could type a whole text in the time it takes to load that thread. Once the thread is open I type normal speed.... the phone types at maybe 1 letter per second. Sometimes less. Gah!

I want a big screen. I want a keyboard. I want internet and GPS. But I also want it do something when I tell it to. S%&$* F%*$&#

That's my rant. I haven't even called my insurance yet cuz as much as I don't want to downgrade I'm not sure I want another TP.
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