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Problems with keyboard and screen orientation

I've tried searching around the web and this forum for some solutions but haven't been able to find anything. Here's the problem:

I recently flashed the new official HTC ROM to my phone and love it. Everything is much more responsive and the answer/ignore slider is a dream. But ever since I flashed it I noticed a problem with the keyboard and screen orientation. If I am in the home screen in TF3D and open the keyboard, the screen flips the orientation to landscape and displays the usual shortcuts. Great. But when I close the keyboard, the screen stays in landscape mode. This is a problem if I text a message then want to change a track from the music tab. The only way I have found to reliably get back to portrait-mode home screen is to put the device to sleep for a couple of seconds then turn it back on. Still, not very efficient.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong?
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