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Hardware keyboard problems.....

i know this has been discussed many times in many places, but all the same problems exist... the hardware keyboard on my touch pro is very unpredictable... straight out of the box sending an sms was extremely laggy... i've disabled all of the T9 options, cleared all the stored entries.

very frustrated i searched the ppcgeeks forums and xda, all led me to change the delay settings found in 2 seperate .cab files... i also found a cab that disables xt9.

when using any program that allows me to type text, it's very fast (such as in opera, or tiny twitter as examples)

something to consider... there are a few occasions (very very few) where typing is extremely fast.. and usually it lasts for 2 to 3 text messages and then goes back to laggy... i have also had the keyboard stop working all together a few times and i had to reset the phone to get it working again....

everything about my phone is stock, i've never tried flashing or any new software builds... what can i do?????
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