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Re: need opinions on rom/radio for battery life

As far as radio goes, these you just have to play with. Best thing to do is to set your phone down where it will be used at on a regular basis. See how the signal is there. Watch it for a day, get used to how it works on that radio, then flash to another one and compare then just reflash to another and repeat. It's different for every area. I could suggest Telus because it works good for me in my area, but it might not be all that great in yours. MOST radios do NOT do a reset on data, so these you can flash on the go and not have to re-install and restore from backup, but it's always best to do a backup before hand just in case something goes wrong or it does for some reason do a reset when flashing.

For ROM, This is personal choice. Some ROMs have more features, some have less features. It depends on the way you use your device and how much you use it for certain things. If you're just looking for stability, least amount of bugs, and basic functionality of the phone and text messaging and such, look for something a little more light, maybe a non-TF3D ROM. But if you like TF3D, and use it's features, look at each of those ROMS and what they have to offer. Basically, you're looking for what you look for in your phone and see which ROM supports them all. Some of the more popular ones include(but are not limited to) MightyMike, Juicy and Groove. But noone can tell you what you like... you're going to like it or not like it, it's best to just dive in and test the water, but almost all of them are better than stock.

Just make sure you use a program like PIM Backup or SPB Backup to backup your contacts, messages, appointments, e-mails, etc.

Also make sure you do a hard reset before and after flashing a ROM (not radio)

hope that helps.

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