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Can't upgrade or uninstall Sprite Backup

I wanted to install the free upgrade of Sprite Backup to the latest version. Unfortunately, the installation failed because the previous version was present and refused to uninstall. I eventually tried this entire sequence:

- I tried to uninstall via Remove Programs (this failed, and could not even remove Sprite Backup from the list of programs)

- I ran UninstallSpriteBackup.exe from Sprite's web site, which claimed to have uninstalled the program successfully (but it did not)

- I removed all registry entries mentioning 'Sprite'

- I soft-reset the Touch Pro.

- I then tried to install the new version from its .cab file. I was told that the older version was still present and refused to uninstall, but forced installation of the new version anyway. It announced that it was unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, the new-version program appears to work OK. Should I just leave it and not worry any more about it, or is something still wrong that will bite me later?

By the way, the reason I deliberately wanted to upgrade to the latest version was that a backup I made did not work properly. Specifically, Update PRL and Update Profile gave error 407. This is apparently a known problem of Sprite Backup (and perhaps any program that backs up the registry?) when transporting a backup from one device to another of the same model and firmware. I can only guess that the device's serial number gets copied into the registry, and Update PRL and Update Profile use that old serial number instead of reading it directly from the new device.
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