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Angry Active Sync sucks when it stops working.

My phone hard reset last week out of the blue, no biggie it gave me a chance to use mightymike's 4.10 which I love. Since that hard reset, active sync won't sync with my work exchange server, I read some of the other forumz and cleaned my registry on my computer as I read on some google articles, but it won't go back to syncing. It does continue to sync with my computer though so I can copy files..etc, but I love having my work mail synced and my appointments. BTW, all my settings are correct on active sync and my device, no typepo's. I've heard everyone has issues with active sync 4.5, any help on this or has anyone heard of a new version coming out that fixes these bugs..I have a touch pro from sprint and I had the same issues all the time with my mogul before this. Its been a few years since this version has been out so I would except a new version by now. Much appreciated...
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