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Re: Is There A Way Too, Have Seperate Numbers for Mobile and Text?

Originally Posted by elephant007 View Post
I figured out a work around. Simple
Input the text messaging phone as the mobile number in the contact
then put her mobile phone as the home phone... now when I want to send a text, I select the text icon in the HD Contacts and if I want to call the mobile number I just select the HOME phone icon...
now I just have to remember that!

You can give this a shot ill try it later for ya nad let you know but if you go to main directory their a file called pim it has all your phone numbers and call log i would copy it to computer and try opening in notepad or wordpad if that don't work rename try excel maybe should be some sort of csv file so notepad should do if that don't work make a pim backup turn off compression and try to open the backup file you would then be able to edit it and see if their is a field for it or if it simply is a script that references the mobile num if i helped give me a thanks
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