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Text Messages / Email Freezing

Hey guys,

I'm running on Juicy 3.9 on a CDMA sprint diamond. One of the annoyances that I've put up with for a while (since customizing my phone after flashing) is that I can fairly reliably freeze my phone whenever I get a new text message or email. It goes something like this:

I get a text message, I flip to the text message tab in TF3D and click on the message. This loads the standard WM "messaging" app, and as soon as I click on the keyboard button on the bottom (I have auto-deploy disabled) the phone will freeze. The same thing can be reproduced for emails.

Is this a common occurrence? I'm tested using both the standard QERTY keyboard and TouchPal, both cause freezing to occur. I was initially concerned it was a stability problem with the ROM but I recall Juicy's ROMs to be very reliable. Does anyone have a recommendation? I'm considering just hard-resetting and starting over with the current ROM or a differnet one.

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