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Issues with TouchFLO following Opera Mobile Upgrade

I recently updated Opera Mobile on my Touch Pro (Sprint version) to version 9.51b2. Should it matter, instead of doing an update, I first uninstalled the existing version of Opera, then ran the .cab installer for the new version. The new version seems to be running fine, but I've found a couple of issues with the TouchFLO interface following the new installation, so I thought I'd see if anyone might be able to help. I did search through the forum prior to posting this message and wasn't able to find anything related to my particular issues, so if anyone could help or direct me to an existing thread or post, I'd appreciate it.

The first issue I've noticed is that when I navigate to the "Internet" tab of the TouchFLO interface and press the large "Launch Browser" icon, Opera Mobile (nor any other application) launches when I tap or double-tap the icon. Previously this used to launch Opera Mobile, so I'm wondering if there's an issue with this icon/function not associating properly with the newly installed version of Opera. As such, is there a setting or configuration window somewhere in my Touch Pro where I can re-establish the link between the "Launch Browser" icon and the newly-installed Opera application?

Also, when I navigate to the "Programs" tab of the TouchFLO interface and click on the "All Programs" icon at the bottom of the screen to view a list of all applications installed on the device, I see two "Opera" icons in the list. The first is the Opera icon which is titled "Opera 9.5", and selecting this icon does, in fact, open the newly-installed version of Opera. The second, directly below the first icon, is a generic-looking Windows icon which is titled "Opera Browser", and selecting this icon brings up a warning box saying that the application cannot be opened. Although I uninstalled the previous version of Opera before installing the updated version, it looks like the icon for the previous version was never removed from this list of installed programs, so I'd like to know if there's a way that I can manually delete it. And, while it may be unrelated, I'm wondering if this may be related to the previous issue with the "Launch Browser" icon in the "Internet" tab.

Again, thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help!
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