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text messages keep re-sending..

hey guys, a strange problem I've encounted just recently with my diamond is the fact that text messages keep re-sending. I don't use text messages too often, reason for not noticing earlier.

ok, this is what happens, after typing a message and hitting send, the recipient will get the message like right after, however will continue to recieve the same message over and over again. The time interval between recieving the messages is not consistant.

I personally realized after being told this that my outbox has messages in there. Isn't it suppose to disappear after I send the message. the point is that once deleted, it will not send again.

The question to you guys is whether you have encounted something similar, if so why and how you went about fixing this. I find it annoying actually since I will have the clear the outbox when it can clear itself.

thanks guys for the input, appreciate your help, ppc rocks.
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