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Re: For the noobs like me

Originally Posted by BurgsideTiger View Post
okay, so this is my first post and i am really excited right now. not because of the actual post, but i have finally figured out EXACTLY HOW TO INSTALL THE CAB FILES. i have read and read and read and read, but no one was actually saying where to put the cab files after u download them. now i am not stupid, and i am pretty computer smart, i think that the problem was comming down to im not as tech as alot of u guys. so for anyone else having the same problem installing the cab u go!!!!!

so step 1 would be to find the cab that u want to download. there are a ton. i had been trying to download some new fonts, not big files, so fast and easy. one of the big mistakes is that when i finished downloading, they looked exactly the same as a zipped file. so i was unzipping them and putting them in my phone that way. well it wont work. trust me.

u need to put the zipped-looking file directly in your phone as is. do not unzip it or anything. just put it in. i actually made a folder in the start menu and labeled it to install.

so once the file is in, take your phone and go to the files location. u will notice that it doesnt look like a zipped file anymore. just click on it and it will automaticly do its thing!!!!! just do a soft reset, and your good to go!!!!!

i really hope this helps someone, i honestly could have used something like this about 3 hours ago. i had almost givin up, but just came across it by accident. i dont know if this post is in the right place, but dont delete, just move it if u have 2

Happy modding!!!
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