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Re: HD port Back to Stock = issues

Originally Posted by Wingzfan View Post
ok weird issue. I installed the hd tabs and found my TP was moving reeeeeeally slow so I hard reset to may factory default rom. I started rebuilding my phone the way I had it and everythings ok except the no curtain cab and the mun background4allpages cab. When I install the no curtain cab it removes the curtains but leaves the sprint logo no big deal except it doesnt move the date to the top either. When I install the background4all cab it fixes the curtain cab and puts the background on all pages but it makes my slider completely off center.

Anyone have any ideas? Like I said, I hard reset so its back to stoc. In fact Ive done this 4 times and always get the same result. I tried installing the background4all, noo curtain and tf3d icons in various orders and it doesnt seem to matter.
yes there is a fix for it, there is a manila file in the .zip just copy and paste it to you windows folder. it should work fine. i dont take credit for this, i downloaded somewhere off ppcgeeks but cant remember from who.
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