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Opera zoom problem when sliding out kb

I have searched extensively both here and at XDA-Developers and haven't seen this addressed. When I am in Opera on say this site it comes up fine, but when I slide the kb out it zooms out so far that the site is so small it can't be seen and won't zoom in no matter what I try (double tap,wheel) . If I start with the kb out it works fine as soon as I try to change from the kb out to kb in it switches.the only fix is to go to a wap site then come back. This is very irritating since if I am reading in the vertical config and want to post a reply I have to slide out the kb, go back to a wap site then to the thread.I feel like I must be missing something simple since it has never been addressed AFAIK.What is the solution to make it possible to slide out the kb without the screen zoom changing?TIA Dragonman
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