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Touch Pro Stopped Charging. Now What?

My Sprint Touch Pro which was purchased from eBay recently stopped charging, and I've had it less than 60 days. The USB port still recognizes headphones, but it will not charge or be recognized by any computers, even after using multiple cables. I mistakenly made a claim through Square Trade, not remembering that it hadn't been 60 days yet, and so I won't be able to get it repaired through them. I am not a current customer of Sprint (I'm on Verizon), so I'm not sure if they will do out-of-warranty repairs for non-customers.

I'm not sure what I should do at this point or who I should be taking this phone to for repair. Will Sprint still do it? Should I try Best Buy? I tried a local place in Chicago, but it sounds like the model is too new for them to have parts. If I have to, I can buy an external battery charger, but eventually I need to get it fixed.


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