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Bluetooth Headset--specific needs

Before you tell me to go off an search one of the many BT headset threads.....

I have specific things I'd like to accomplish, and want to get some feedback from y'all about what works. I leave my phone on my desk at work, but can usually hear its ring. I'm a physician seeing patients, so I leave my BT headset in my pocket rather than on my ear. I'd like to get a headset with caller ID on it (and vibrate would be nice). I also like the ones that have the earpiced part that fits into the ear like Apple headphones do (my Plantronics 220 has this weird oval shape that doesn't really work for me) and with an over the ear loop to hold it in place. Size and battery life isn't a huge issue as I will only use it periodically during the day. I just want to know which calls to take (from the hospital) and which ones to let go (from the wife!).

So in short, I'd like input on a BT headset that:
1. Has caller ID on the headset
2. Earbud design (with earhook)
3. Vibrate mode would be nice
4. Works well with Touch Pro, distances of 20 feet

Any of you have ideas on which one is best (and works for them on the Touch Pro)?
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