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Re: blackberry storm app? for htc touch

Just do a search...Be easy everyone! The beauty of WM Devices is that it is so versatile, and easy to CUSTOMIZE! So be easy GeekCop...and others. If this site and forum is a community and for sharing and assisting...then Communicate!


Alright, I found; Touch Response: "01/14/09 - The latest update should properly update a version that is cooked into a custom rom. Let me know if you run into any problems. Thanks!

01/13/09 - I hope you enjoy this newest update. It doesn't have all the features I hoped to have by this time but it's a step in the right direction. I am going to try and have more regular updates in the future.

If the vibration does not work for you in this version, please send me a message with the information found in the Device tab of the Settings program.

Feel free to give comments or ask questions.


This program is a touch driver to handle the touchscreen presses and vibration. A settings program exists to configure how the vibration works.

Since this is a touch driver, there is no program you need to run to start it.

It has been tested on an HTC Touch and HTC Touch Pro for several days with several stability issues corrected. I am only releasing this now that I feel comfortable that you will experience no major issues. However, I cannot guarantee that it will work flawless for you. I cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or time you may experience while using this.

If you are experiencing problems after installation, please let me know so I can fix these issues.

  • Global enable/disable option
  • Vibrate on touch/release
  • Variable duration of vibrate
  • Disable during Phone Call option
  • Disable when phone is on silent
  • Disable when stylus is out (for devices that support this option)
  • Enabled for On-Screen Keyboard only (Temporary option until full include/exclude list is incorporated)
  • Settings Program->Settings->System->TouchResponse Settings
Coming Soon
  • Include/Exclude list for vibration
  • Different vibration patterns
  • Resolve any software conflicts
  • Vibration tweaks
  • AppToDate Support
  • Sound on touch
  • Vibrate on hardware button press
  • Multi-language support in Settings program
  • I'm open to suggestions...
Known Issues
  • May or may not play well with touchflo/ftouchsl. If TouchResponse isn't working for you, try disabling those if they are enabled.
Change Log

.3.1 (01/14/09) - Minor update
- Should properly upgrade when built into a custom rom

.3 (01/13/09) - More features
- Option to vibrate on release of touch
- Option to disable vibration when stylus is out
- Option for vibration to only be enabled for on-screen keyboard
- Better auto-detection of device model/vibrate id

.2.2 (11/27/0 - More Minor Updates
- Can increment the duration by one instead of five now
- The chance for a longer than usual vibration should be reduced if not eliminated altogether
- Disable while silent option should work a little better now
- Settings program allows for more Vibrate IDs in the Advanced tab

.2.1 (11/26/0 - Minor Update
- Windows Mobile 5 is now supported

.2 (11/26/0
- Attempt to resolve suspend issues with certain phones - Let me know
- Disable while silent option added - may not work perfect

.1 (11/24/0
- Initial Release

Questions and Answers
Q. How to I change the settings?
A. Start->Settings->System->TouchResponse Settings

Q. Why is it not vibrating when I touch the screen?
A. Go to the Device tab in TouchResponse Settings. It will display information about your device. If it says to select your vibrate id then find the one that causes the vibrate to work. Send me a PM with the name of your device model along with the vibrate id that works for you and I will incorporate that into future releases.

Q. Will this drain my battery life?
A. I don't have any statistics to show the before and after battery usage. However, I personally have not experienced any significant increase in battery usage. It all depends on how long the vibrate duration is and how often you touch the screen.

Q. Why does the vibrate last longer than it's supposed to sometimes?
A. This should hopefully be resolved as of version .02.2. If you experience this after this version, please let me know when it happens and how often.

Q. Why is the vibration always the same duration no matter what the settings are set at?
A. Use a registry editor to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>OEM>VIB and set STRENGTH_LOW to 0."
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