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Re: couple of noob questions I cant find the answer to

Originally Posted by delawaresace View Post
1) not quite sure what your asking here. can you elaborate? i use my SC for music and .cab files of programs i like. when i find a cab i usually email it to my self. i have my Pro set up to my gmail account (imap) and just download it to my phone. there is a pull down menu that asks main memory or SC. i pick SC and then pick the folder i want it to go to. for music, i just attach my phone to my laptop and transfer the files over to the folder i want in my card.

hope this helps
I want all my documents, and everything to run off of a my docs folder on the card, in windows xp you just right click and point the folder to where ever you want it to go...well in wm its different

for example. if i open up pictures or music in an album view it should automattically goto storage card\my documents\my music or \my pictures respectivly.

right now it points to device\my documents\ yada yada yada.
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