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Re: couple of noob questions I cant find the answer to

Originally Posted by zikronix View Post

1) I want to use my storage card for all my documents, pictures music etc. Ive found some registry tweaks and other methods...and they only all work kinda half a$$ed. Is there a definitive way to do thos

2) if an item is cooked into a rom...can it be removed if you dont want it (aside from deleting the executable)

3) how do you change shortcuts in the programs group and on the start bar.

i think that should do it.
1) not quite sure what your asking here. can you elaborate? i use my SC for music and .cab files of programs i like. when i find a cab i usually email it to my self. i have my Pro set up to my gmail account (imap) and just download it to my phone. there is a pull down menu that asks main memory or SC. i pick SC and then pick the folder i want it to go to. for music, i just attach my phone to my laptop and transfer the files over to the folder i want in my card.

2)no. this is why i like clean roms. if a program is updated my the programmer, just uninstall the old and install the new. i believe that there are items that work better as oem's though. the only one i know of is the 2d drivers out there. they need to be cooked in. i use Sashimi to load up all my cabs after a new flash.

3) don't know. never really got into shortcuts. i'm sure someone will come along shortly and fight my ignorance also.

hope this helps
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