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Unhappy Question about Wifi, bandwidth monitoring & outlook contacts

Hello everyone, I'm new here, just got my HTC touch pro a week ago from TELUS. I found quite a few problems while using it, I tried to search in this forum but no luck, so here they are:

1. Wifi: Is there a tool to automatically use wifi connection when available and disconnect data connection and vice versa?

2. Bandwidth: Recommendation for a good bandwidth monitoring software? It'll be really helpful to know how much data I've been upload/download every month.

3. Contacts: I'm using TELUS Desktop Redirector to get my company email on my phone, the problem is, it'll sync with my company's contact list as well, which puts hundreds of contacts in my phone. This makes it so hard to search for my friends, I have to go through this 400+ people list every time... Is there a way to get around this? I don't need to call most of the people on my company's contact list, but I do need to call my friends... I know I can make all my friends favorites so they'll show in TF3D, but that's not the way to go in the long run given that scrolling in the TF3D favorite list is not very efficient imo.
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