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TF3D Weather won't Load

So I tried installing "WeatherDataBaseEditor" 1.1 and 1.2 and kept getting error messages. SO I deleted them and found another CAb file that did the same thing (sorry can't remeber the name of it and I can no longer seem to find it listed here).
Anyways, every time I edited a city with that program it came up with an error before completing the deletion (or edit). This seemed like a lot of hassle, so I decided to delete that app as well.
NOW, TF3D Weather doesn't work anymore. When I select the Weather tab, I get the following...
- "Tap Here to Launch TouchFlo", then "Launching TouchFlo 3D", then a second or two it goes to the Home page.
Any idea why this is happening??
And more importantly, how do I fix it to get my TF3D Weather to return???
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