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Dialer Pad and Contacts - Not Working/Running

I recently installed RealVGA (a program that shows a "true" vga resolution with more screen real estate. The problem is when I ran this program there was an option to disable the dialerpad and I checked that, although when I returned to the default resolution/dpi, my phone won't work properly.

here's the scenerio:

I have a voicemail, I click the notification icon and then attempt to listen to it using the left softkey but when I do it starts playing the voicemail but does not display the dialer pad, therefore I'm unable to enter my password for the VM. The dialerpad will not show up no matter what I do and my contacts won't open up anymore either :/

Oh, and I can't answer calls :/ So I can't: answer calls, view voicemail, view contacts or type anything in the dialerpad since it isn't operational

EDIT: If someone could check the windows folder and see if there's an .exe called contacts and one associated with the dialerpad that would be appreciated as I am unable to find such in my directory, leading me to believe they were removed somehow

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