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Originally Posted by cmylxgo View Post
After playing around with several ROMs and themes I found that I could not find a combination of colors that I liked. So I focused on the ROM that I liked and then started to modify it from there. I am a fan of the Blacked Out Might Rom but did not like the Notification Bubble colors. I started to play around with Manila and testing different colors in photoshop and editing others from posted themes. Below is collection of bubbles that I have run or tested with on my Touch Pro. I have cab'd these files up for easy install and removal.

Step 1: Download zip file from RapidShare Link below
Step 2: Unzip
Step 3: Copy desired .cab file to phone
Step 4: Tap on .cab file to install
Step 5: Soft Reset Phone or Stop/Start TouchFlo3D

Basic Collection - Single color no lighting or shading

Enhanced Collection - Shading, different shapes, and Flames!

Edit: These Manila files are uncompressed and should work on any stock or custom Rom.

Thank you, this is a great aspect to customize on to my TP
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