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Sprint Mogul (PPC 6800) Questions

If anyone know how to do this please let me know. I know how to change my ringer for when I get a voice call. I simply put the sound file in the "My Ringtones" folder. But I am unable to do this with my other alerts such as text messaging, email, voicemail, etc... I notice that you are only able to choose from the few limited sound that are available. I figure that there is a way around this if I knew what folder that those sounds were in. Widnows mobile 6 doesn't have a "file search" tool like it does on it's desktop versions. I've already tried file explorer and looked in every folder on the device. If I could find the folder that those few sound choices were in, I could just put my own sounds in that folder and they'd be there for me to use. Can anyone help me with this. I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks!