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Re: iContact & iDialer & thumbCal on Touch Pro

Originally Posted by gianthobbit View Post
i followed this directions 100% and still when i go to contacts, then click on the contact it still goes to the outlook details for that contact. Please advise
Hmm, there is one trick I think I missed. should be like this...

1. On config screen make sure you have TouchFlo 3D selected(depending on version you may not have this tab)
2. Goto Init tab, press Init and wait for it to bring up listing of programs
3. Highlight "Replace Poutlook"
4. Checkmark "Patch Enabled"
5. In the "New Program" file put /Program Files/iContact/iContact.exe
6. In the "Arguments" field put a $
7. Press the Deploy tab
8. Press Deploy Patch.

These are like before. Now here is the trick, after it looks like it is done, the program is still actually running in the background, so do NOT restart. Go BACK to the ssMaPa program and you should see a dialog about something being digitally signed and it will ask you if you would like to remove it. Select YES. Then go back AGAIN and you should have some sort of OK type dialog. When you see this, then you can restart and it should take.

If you do not say YES to unsigning the digitally signed file, it will not take. Now, I'm not sure if this still comes up if you disable TouchFlo first before doing all this, so you may want to disable TouchFlo before doing the patching. Disabling TF3D may also prevent ssMaPa from dropping to the background and not being able to the the prompt about unsigning the file.

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