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Re: -=01-17-09=- USCC Manilla 2D ROM - Simple & Stable

question... _WHY_ is USCC not popular here.. as in simply not too many users, or they've done something naughty?
In my opinion there are a few reasons (it has nothing to do with PPCGeeks). USCC does not have as many customers as the "major" carriers Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, AT&T, etc. They also have properitary phones, meaning that you cannot connect a non-USCC phone to the USCC network at any point (I'm not sure that's 100% accurate). They don't offer EVDO in most of their markets, which at this point knocks them out of contention. USCC also does not have the same choice of phones, as many, or as advanced (although I have purchased every smartphone from them since the MotoQ). An example would be that Alltel has the Touch, Touch Diamond, and Touch Pro, while USCC only carries the Touch.

However, I think they have some of the best rates on services.

I think it comes down to shear numbers. There are not as many subscribers, therefore not as many PPCGeeks. At one point about 2 years ago they almost got bought out by Verizon, I think. In my area it is the only service with reception and a local number. Verizon bumps off of their towers but you cannot port your USCC number to VZ at this point. Drama.