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Active Sync probs

Hey, new to the forum, but not to PPC Phones...well kinda, anyway, Ive installed a few Hacks/Reg Tweeks and since last night haven't been able to sync up with my comp. Keep getting error msgs.

Got the Following on my Mogul:

-HTC New Default Theme
-Kaiser Home plug (six button)
-HTC Audio mngr
-MMS Hack
-Threaded SMS
-SPB Full Screen Keyboard
-HTC X-Button 1.5
-Led Killer 3.1
-PPC Flash 7

If I remember correctly I synced once after installing the 6 button home plug skin, but no sure. I have uninstalled once, (2 change from 3 button ver to 6). I havent had any of the "notification bugs" that some of you were talking about but i did have a issue with the sms tab displaying 1 new txt when there were none. (this happened after i got a txt, it said 2, i read the new one and it wen back to displaying 1. Only after a soft reset did it go back to zero.

Any ideas?
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