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In a pickle (wifirouter)

I had wifirouter installed but I forgot that I did and I installed a cab I had. Apparently the cab I used recently was not the same one as before and so it installed 2 instances of the program on my phone. SO then I tried to uninstall them both because not only was wifirouter not working but now I cannot even activate wifi to connect my phone to networks. One instance of it uninstalled and the second instance will not uninstall at all and wifi still will not turn on. Even though the comm manager shows the wifi "switch" being off I have a icon on the top of my screen that is doing the connection thing (the icon you see when you are connecting to a network). And it just sits there doing its animation 24/7 now. Without hard resetting my phone or reflashing the ROM is there a way I can force uninstall wifi router to get wifi working again then reinstall wifirouter?
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