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Re: flip clock with white numbers

Originally Posted by reeg420 View Post
Yes I have it at my house.

All I did was invert the colors. If your familiar with gimp or photoshop locate which files they are in ManilaEditor and just invert the colors. I had a hard time finding a plain black with white number clock too.

Heres a pic of it that I already posted before. Im not at my house now though. Check back in a couple of hours Ill definatly post it. Do you want the black missed call and calender icons or do you want them white. They are in one of the manila files with the clock BG.
sorry man, there is no pic there. I know it is a little hard to find these clocks because there are so many.

But if you could when you get home post the files/cabs for me if you don't mind!
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