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Help needed. Backround info included.

On January 14th I recieved my Touch Pro upgrading from the Touch Diamond. I've learned some basics in the time that i've owned the Diamond. I started with a simple program, Diamond Hacks. Since then I became more intersted in hacking and tweaking my phone. I've been on this site day and night, reading several posts to gain a better knowledge. I've also installed a couple more programs including: Avanced Config, Diamond Tweaks, PHM RegEdit, and Total Commander. I experimented with some cab. files as well for clocks, themes etc. In my learning process, i've encountered some problems from "rookie" mistakes and have had to hard reset my device for a total of 6 times. The mistake I was making was simply storing the cab. files in the wrong place. One of the problems this caused was in Landscape mode. There would be garbled words and a "doodle" in the center of the screen. By now i've obviously figured out what I was doing wrong and i've fixed the problems I had but now i've encountered another problem. I disabled the HTC phone pad for the default Windows Mobile dialer. Starting yesterday when I re-enabled the HTC dialer, when I recieve calls, the "Answer" and "Ignore" soft keys on screen do not respond. Neither do the hard keys. It does not occur on every phone call I recieve, just every so often. Can anyone help me with this issue? I have not made any RegEdits, just used the options from AvancedConfig and Diamond Tweaks. Thanks in advance.
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