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Things not yet solved

Yo peeps.

I've spent a good deal of the past week reading through all the wonderful information here, and my phone is rocking because of it! There are a few things I'm still looking for that I have yet to find.

I realize some of these are discussed in Goothings2Life's epic post, but most appear to be part of a package deal that installs several things.

So I'm looking for:
1.) A singular way to remove sprint tabs (like Sprint TV) and rename them (like Sprint Music to Music)

2.) A way to remove excess programs (bloatware) from the programs list. I haven't found a very clear explanation of this anywhere but several people have asked. Once again there are only hints at it coupled with long extranious processes.

3.) A way to remove everything from the home page (Big clock, gone. Call history and calander, gone. Just the lower crollbar and upper start menu remain so you can have a nice background dominating your main phone page.)

4.) A little clock display up on the taskbar that appears on the homepage, not just the subsequent scroll tabs.

5.) Fast boot times. Booting up the phone takes me personally about 2-3 minutes anymore.

Please note that I have read all the stickies and a vast number of relating posts. I've done complicated procedures like replacing the start menu icon and replacing registry values and dlls, yet these things I've posted have still eluded me.

Much thanks ahead of time, and I applaud this website and all the work everyone has put in. These phones are great because of you guys!
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