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Re: How to clean BOTH sides of Screen Protector No Air Bubbles

Originally Posted by TProUserOnSprint View Post
I don't know if I'd be comfortable with alcohol as it is a corrosive. My screen protector was applied by the owner of the Invisible Shield kiosk in the mall where I work (I got it for free since I throw him some sales every now and then). When I'm applying an iPhone screen protecter, I use some cotton gloves we have lying around the store and lay the phone in the box it comes in (to keep it from rolling or wollering) and run a credit card along it as I peel off the protective plastic. Usually have no troubles.
The problem is if you take off the protector or if you get 1 piece of dust in there by accident. Impossible to get off.

I tried using tammy, sunglass cleaner, plain soap and water (left hard water residue), etc. The sticky side will catch some dust from almost any product i tried - even in a complete sterile environment.

The alcohol does not damage anything here. I've dunked whole cell phones in alcohol.
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