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Sprint HTC Touch Pro Internet, TV, Radio FIX

Sprint HTC Touch Pro (CDMA) ONLY

Are you having trouble getint into the internet or using your Sprint TV (or Sprint Music)? Your M. IP setting may be set wrong.

Here is how to fix that issue:

1- Dial ##778#
2- Select EDIT
3- Enter your Unlock Code (also known as MSL code)
for this you may have to contact Sprint Customer Service (*2 on your Sprint Phone). It is different for every phone. It is a 6 digit code.
4- Select VIEW INFO (at botton of screen)
5- Select M.IP Settings
6- On Item: Active User Profile Index Change the setting to a 1 (sometimes the system defaults to 0). Change the setting by holding down stylus on the number and selecting edit.
7- once changed select OK for both POP up messages.

Phone will re-start and then you are good to go.


please post feedback if this helped or not.
if it didn't help I can help you further.
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