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Re: 2 months+ later are you satisfied?

Originally Posted by Kalnel View Post
FWIW, keep in mind that no device is "perfect." I wish you well with the Palm Pre, but I'd bet that you'll find forums full of people pointing out its "imperfections," too. One guy's "perfect" is the next guy's "totally sucks."

If you've never owned a smartphone before, you'd be smart to give a lot of thought to what you want it to do before you buy, then read lots of forums to see how well a device you're considering does those things specifically.
i could live with a tp but the problem is, it doesn't do what i need it to do well. i truly believe sprint has the worst selection of phones so my options are limited. if i was on verizon, that would be a different story.

speaking about "imperfections" of the palm pre: people are just pointing out lack of features, not performance issues, as no one has one yet. i was very satisfied with the set of features the tp has. however, some of them are very poorly implemented (slow camera, lagging gps, etc) which annoys the crap out of me. it bothers me so much that it's going back. i know the palm pre won't be a perfect phone but it will be a lot more usuable, for me anyway (or at least i hope)

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