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2 months+ later are you satisfied?

I'm coming up on having owned my Verizon Touch Pro for two months, and I was thinking today that I've never been 100% satisfied with the device (although it's not as bad as you'd think from some descriptions). I've tried several different ROMs -- and my hat's off to the wizards who are making that, GPS, etc. happen -- but no matter what I do, this device has never been as solid and speedy as I would have expected.

Frankly, I'm still not finding any major improvements over my 6700. Sure, it has GPS, a thinner form factor, and more storage, but in retrospect, I haven't found the Touch Pro to have been worth the cost of upgrading.

Obviously we all have different needs, uses, and expectations for these devices -- my disappointing device may be the best thing ever for you -- but I'm curious to know how many other people are feeling that the Touch Pro just hasn't met expectations.

Right now, I'd give it a C at best: Not a failure, but just average at most. Of the 10 PDAs I've owned, I'd rate this 7th or 8th.

What about everyone else? Are you satisfied with it?

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