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Re: question about email setup

Originally Posted by Athasian View Post
This will work if you have POP access to the mail account.
I think it is the whole POP3 thing that I wasn't getting. I didn't realize that's what the email tab uses, and I didn't realize that a webmail account could be accessed that way. Don't laugh, but I was thinking more along the lines of the email tab being some kind of scripting or 'screen scrape' (I'm showing my age!) that could log me in and pull the mail to display (for the web-based email). I think I need to check out wikipedia a bit more (POP3 and SMTP now make sense, IMAP not so much (is it just a different kind of POP3?))

Gmail has free POP access, Yahoo used to charge
Hmmm...I just checked and it seems yahoo still charges. But I want the alerts and gmail can't do that. Yahoo wants $20 a year for their 'plus' mail. But before I spend that, I think I'll first look into FlexMail that I read about here somewhere. I think it has alerts and a lot more, but it's hard to choose what to buy when you aren't sure what the features of the product even do

For the gmail settings, I am pretty sure you can use the automatic detection.
This worked just great!
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