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Re: I'm a Newbie Maybe You Should Get to Know.

Originally Posted by henbone11 View Post
how does the TP not have a send button? its the enter key, which is the same as the mogul. I am looking at both devices right now. The TP actually said enter, and the mogul has the enter key symbol like you would find on a computer keyboard.

and 8 moguls in 2 months? what the hell are you doing to them? im not even careful with mine and the first one is still going strong. not even a scratch on it.

as far as the ceo of sprint, dan hesse, you can see how to directly contact him on every sprint commercial as he puts his email addy right on the screen. lol you are fail.
It's more of the phonecall for CEO, cause i had a direct # and he asked me how I got it caues It was supposed to be going to his sec.
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