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Touch Pro PRI Update... thanks Bored. (Roaming resolved with "HLR Reload")

In my pri question thread ""

NexVision posted this "1.57_003 SPCS TP", wondering if anyone knows how can I obtain this as I seem to be having weird issues, when I first got my pro i flashed a TELUS rom and did a pri (not prl) update from within the settings->connections tab (only rom i have ever seen this before. Anyway since then I have been unable to roam, when ever roaming i get a message from Verizon "sorry but account can not be authorize or validated" something like that.

I was hoping that someone had a way for me to update my pri but i cant seem to find it, any ideas?


Update thanks to the suggestions I was able to get my roaming problems resolved although not by the PRI update, rather a "HLR Reload" done by a CS Rep at sprint over the phone. I had found the shipped exe from prints latest flashed which did update my PRL for me, but i still had roaming issues a little more googling lead me to find the "HLR Reload" trick, which worked Great.

It was requested that I edit this first post to reflect the information provided by Bored. Here's the PRI update resolution for those that need it. From Post #4.

Originally Posted by lllboredlll View Post
Are you sure you wouldnt rather have the telus pri instead? I can give you either one, I have them both filed. Just let me know the exact one you want.

Also once you install a you need to go to /windows/PPST.exe and execute that file. It will pull the pri data off of the cab install and update your radio programming.

Edit: I attached Sprints PRI.

Install the cab on your device. then go to /WINDOWS/PPST.exe without soft resetting first. Once it is complete it will reset your device then you will most likely need to update your PRL.
You said you can update thru the connections tab. If that will work then go for it. I've never seen that though. could you tell me where you got the ROM. I'll like to look into that and possible incorporate that into my ROM for development reasons.

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