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HOW TO: Recover a Diamond that won't get past the boot screen! (Instructions)

There have been a large number of reports of phones hanging at the boot screen after flashing some of the more recent ROMs. While this problem has been random and somewhat common, I haven't seen a thread dedicated to recovering from this issue. So, I thought I would share what I've learned.

People have had success in flashing a stock ROM, which seems (in most cases) to cure the problem. I have not tried this way, though I've seen the problem twice.

The method I've used to recover is this:

1. Have either the stock ROM or a ROM different from the type that caused the hang in the first place, ready to flash on your PC. What I mean by different is, if a Calcu ROM (example only!) was being loaded when the hang occurred, try using a Juicy or OMJ ROM, or even stock Sprint.

2. Get the phone into "triggered bootloader" mode. This is the same process you would use to flash from the 4 GB internal storage, only you don't need to have an .nbh file in storage.

To enter triggered bootloader mode, you need to take the back off of your phone so you can access the reset hole. Then, you need to simultaneously press the power button, volume down (-) button, and the arrow button (<--) while at the same time, pressing your stylus into the reset hole. I know it sounds nearly impossible, but I am able to do it using two hands for the buttons, and pressing the stylus into the phone with my stomach. Sounds crazy, but it's pretty easy once you've done it a couple of time.

At this point, you should see the familiar rainbow screen.

3. If you have an .nbh file on your storage card, the phone will prompt you to either press the power button to flash from the card, or the action button to ignore. If the .nbh is the same one that caused the hang or even a ROM from the same series, DO NOT USE IT. If it's a different type of ROM, go ahead and flash from it, and your phone should recover normally.

If you don't have an .nbh file on the card, the phone will simply display the rainbow screen. At this point, plug the USB sync cable into your phone and run the RUU and your phone will recover normally.

The key here is to use a different ROM type for receovery. If you use a similar ROM, you'll probably wind up having to go through this process again.

I hope this helps, as it has worked for me and other users.

EDIT: It is not necessary to use triggered bootloader to revive your Diamond. Normal bootloader will suffice, and does not require the contortion of fingers and body. Thanks to tobeychris for this clarification!
How to recover your Diamond from a hang at the boot screen!

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