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Re: Missed Calls?

Originally Posted by faaz23 View Post
I have had many people tell me they have called and I have not seen a missed call on my phone. Or my phone will ring once and the caller will be sent to voice mail or have hung up. They have told me I don't pick up because they hear 4 rings while I only hear 1 ring. I have had many missed calls since switching over to this from my xv 6800. Is there something wrong with my phone or is this just how the phone is?
Originally Posted by grandmasterlarry View Post
when i had the 6700 with verison i wouldnt even have a missed call id jsut get a voicemail out of nowhere no ring nothing... ill be sitting next to my phone it has service but no ring... i hate verizon...
Try this thread:

Touch Pro Essentials

Look under PST Tweaks in the first post. I have an XV6850 and do not miss any calls.

There is also a thread somewhere about the stock dialer causing ring delay...