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Re: Wrong Incoming Text Time Stamp Help

Thanks for the cross posting tip before. But I'm only using it as a last resort.

My sent messages have the correct time, but only the incoming ones have the wrong time. The time zone setting I have is the same as on my PC, which is GMT -8 Tijuana.

I find it odd how the stock Bell rom does not have the timing error, but if I have custom roms applied, that's when the times are off.

I've also noticed that the roms I've used are either have Telus or Sprint users in mind, and that the developers state that it should work with other cariers as well. Wonder is that has anything to do with it.

This is proving to be quite the head scratcher. I'm grateful for any imput. So no questions are silly. =p

Are there others having this problem or am I the only one? =/

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