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Re: Laptop won't connect with WMWifiRouter

Originally Posted by hbenz2008 View Post
Well the tweaks are for Sprint users to tether below radar, dunno bout Bell. Let meknow what troubleshooting step you are taking. An uninstall and reinstall may do the trick. Another Weefee version? How long have you had your TP?
I did see that those reg edits were for Bell... I edited the one that would be different for me to reflect my data connection name.

I'm going to try something else in PST... and put a custom rom on once I get the kitchen downloaded... I'm at my mom's for Christmas and the internet here is kinda patchy. I'll post up once I get it working.

I just got my TP yesterday... Have barely had it over 24 hours.
I've got the latest WMWR version. v3.25
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