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Re: Laptop won't connect with WMWifiRouter

Originally Posted by hbenz2008 View Post
so you did set up an ad-hoc connection under your RP Wifi,correct? what did you use for ip ....? did you try to launch your PIE first and then connect your wifirouter?

Not sure what you mean by RP but yes, I did set it up as an ad-hoc network. I just used the default settings for everthing. The same thing I've done on my 6700 and 6800. The laptop connects to the wifi end of things just fine and sets up the network but it doesn't see the internet conenction. I've never had to start PIE first on my 6700 or 6800 so I didn't do that. The data connection is always active though and if it's not, WMWifiRouter starts it anyways.
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