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Laptop won't connect with WMWifiRouter

I just got a Bell Touch Pro yesterday and haven't put any custom roms on it yet so I don't know if a custom rom would fix this problem.
I installed ICS and WMWifiRouter and WMWifiRouter sets up the connection just fine... just like it did on my 6700 and 6800 previously.
My laptop connects to the Pro and sets up the network just fine but the network status shows up as local only and I can't connect to the internet. With my 6700 and 6800 it would show up as "Local and Internet". (Windows Vista)
Any help would be appreciated.
edit: I did try the ICS fix cab from the Essentials thread. After rebooting I had no data connection at all. I rebooted a second time and had my data on my phone back. I still couldn't connect to the internet through WMWifiRouter though.
edit 2: it must have been something in the stock rom that prevented WMWifiRouter from working. It's working perfect now with a custom rom on it.

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