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Re: Help Change My Mogul To The My Htc Software

i'm sure it can be done, but the Pro is a much more powerful phone than the Mogul is, and the software for the Pro will probably run pretty crappily on the Mogul. I'd be happy with the level of customization we already have with the current generation worth of stuff on the Mogul, and hold off on trying to put the next generations worth of goodies on an old phone. if you want the TF3D on an older, slower phone with much less memory, you'll probably have some tradeoffs in performance. and with crappy performance, is there really a point to try to put all the flashy stuff on there?

however, there are workarounds like crazychef suggested. i'd just think that if you have to have the newest flashiest stuff, you should have it on a phone that supports it and was created for it, instead of trying to put the newest stuff on the previous generation of phone. there's plenty of flashy stuff already out there for the Mogul.
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