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Cool HTC Touch w/ GPS (fix effect left by customizations)

Hello everyone, so basiaclly I was one of the many people that let the customizations run on the VZW leaked rom and I was finalyl able to correct it and get GPS working! I am writing this post so I can compile what I've read and the various steps described over too many posts since I don't recall there actually being one solid post. lol
    1. First you want establish a activesync connection (or WMDC) [This will be required for all the steps to be completed] .
    2. Quote:
      Originally Posted by kyrumo View Post
    3. Let the Touch boot up compeltely, so do the calibration but soft reset at the customization (poke the little hole right next to the usb with the stylus).
    4. Download this Sprint Rom and run the file to downgrade your phone. When the phone finishes and boots up, compelte the callibration but DO NOT LET THE CUSTOMIZATIONS RUN! Thank you
      Originally Posted by kyrumo View Post
    5. Next you want to flash the Touch again with this file and this time, LET THE CUSTOMIZATIONS RUN.
      Originally Posted by kyrumo View Post
      To run the file I believe it needs to be stuck in the directory this file is extracted to: In order to flash the Touch, run the file ROMUpdateUtility.exe

    6. Quote:
      Originally Posted by kyrumo View Post
      Then you need to unlock you’re your phone with
      You do this by running the file and following the instructions that pop up within the program.
    7. Almost done! Next you are going download this file. This is scrosler's full leaked ROM with the full GPS capabilities added. Extract the .rar file (You can get WinRar if you need a extraction program) and run the file ROMUpdateUtility.exe
    8. Do the callibrations and LET CUSTOMIZATIONS RUN! and now you are done!
    9. To enjoy lightning fast GPS lock times follow the instructions located here: Follow the "Custom ROM" instructions. (For vista users, you are out of luck, one of hte two drivers required to be installed can not be found for Vista, although they do exist on WinXP. So if you have access to a XP computer, you can do it through there.)
Hopefully I didn't miss anything! And it wouldnt surprise me if any of the steps there are no needed, so please feel free to edit them!

I set it up step by step hoping that it might better convey the instructions to the people new to this (like me! haha) as i noticed that seemed to be a continuous request throughout a thread. I figured most people wouldnt be looking for instructions at the end of a 21pg (or w/e) thread lol

All the files and work courtesy of our fellow forum members, kyrumo and scrosler (i hope i didnt miss anyone)

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