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Re: Best Skins Ever $2 off of Sprint TP full body skin

Originally Posted by mikebai1990 View Post
I have one for my TP and being a previous Invisibleshield user, I REALLY feel that there is no difference in quality between the invisibleshield and bestskinsever. However, bestskinsever does not include the soap solution, which I mixed myself with ease. Otherwise, the fit is perfect (didn't have to modify any parts), and it seems to be working as expected. My only concern (something that was a problem with my old invisibleshield on my Mogul) was that the edges would start yellowing after a while.. I'm assuming this will probably eventually happen to mine as well. Otherwise, very satisfied and glad that I can put it on a table/in my pocket without any worries.

Thanks for the info! I ordered two for myself and one for my sister, so if anything happens to one, I'm covered. Plus, it still cost less than anybody else's.
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